Energy Tradeing Service Over The Globe.


Building on more than 10years of trading experience, Gazneft Service Llc have a dynamic trading infrastructure and diverse market presence.PRODUCTS INCLUDE:

CRUDE OIL: global crude oil markers and many grades of oil priced off these markers.

REFINED PRODUCTS & DERIVATIVES: light and middle distillates (naphtha, jet, heating oil and various grades of diesel fuel); unleaded gasolines and components; fuel oil; petrochemicals such as benzene, toluene, mixed xylenes, paraxylene and styrene; and intermediate feedstocks such as vacuum gasoil and straight-run fuel oil.

ETHANOL: CBOT, Chicago Platts and crush margins.

Gazneft Service Llc's is connected with reliable logistics company that manages product flow to ensure commodities bought and sold by its customers arrive safely and on time. We offers freight trading, ship inspections and worldwide ship operations. We review performance of tankers long before any product reaches their hulls.

This vetting process is designed to ensure that known-quality vessels are available for use and maximum efficiency is attained.

Since 2000,Gazneft Service Llc has managed 7,500 charters moving about 2.3 billion barrels of crude, petroleum products, and chemicals.

Gazneft Service Llc's Derivatives Trading and Metals groups offer products to help counterparties manage price and cost volatility, creating a more fungible base commodity product and financial liquidity in pricing indices.

This is accomplished through derivatives, used for locking in purchase or sale prices or otherwise manage exposure to price risk. Gazneft Service Llc is committed to conducting business lawfully and with integrity. commitment to integrity includes, among other things, an expectation that our suppliers will adhere to similarly high expectations for integrity.